The Lecture

So President Obama decides to show anger not against the terrorist that perpetrated the Orlando attack, but against his old adversaries and opponents that had nothing to do with anything.  Think about that.  Never let a good crisis go to waste they say, and this one was too good to pass up.  Sickening.  That’s not leadership.  That’s not a commander in chief.  That’s a politician playing the game to further an agenda.

So with that, let’s take a read at another lecture from one more eloquent than I, regarding the history of what we are facing.

A history Lesson from Col. West


Hello Detroit!

Hello Detroit!

You know, I travel quite bit.  And of course the people I work with or meet always ask where I’m from.  Answer: Detroit (No, it’s not Deeee-troyt.   It’s “Deh-troyt”).    And the range of responses is shall we say, interesting.  From Oh, OK, to Oh tough guy, gangster, or if I already have a good relationship with that person, I can reply “yeah, don’t fuck with me!”

Detroit is one of those funny places that I don’t think the rest of the country “gets”.  Our heritage is rich.  Our reputation sucks.  We burn cars when our sports teams win championships.   Halloween used to be a license to set fire to any structure standing.  We don’t help ourselves. Honestly IMHO, if you’re not from here, there is no good reason to move here.  If you’re from here your loyalty is true.  You have something in your heart.

But the bottom line is Detroit sucks.  One of the highest crime rates in the nation.  Unemployment is out of control.  Welfare, step right up!  While other rustbelt cities revitalize, we kind of just hang around.

Our people are good, hardworking, Americans.  We were the arsenal of democracy during WWII.  We put the country in wheels, thank you very much.  Gateway to Canada for the underground railroad for slaves that wanted to escape before emancipation. Yeah, we’re tough.

So, why the speech?  Coming home today, at baggage claim if you are flying into our not so fair city, you are greeted with this mural.  A testament to what essentially has taken us down.


A testament to the leaders of the city?  Corrupt liberal Democrat politicians and corrupt union leaders?  Coleman Young, really? Are you actually saying this is your tribute?  No wonder we’re in the shit.  The only person on that mural that deserves tribute is Rosa Parks.  And she wasn’t even born here.

So, let’s keep kidding ourselves. Detroit will never come back.  We’ll hang around.  But as long as we continue to follow the lead of the mural, we might as well add Kwame’s picture.

Enjoy Sammy’s tribute to a corrupt city… my hometown…

Even CNN gets it…

I was watching CNN last night, and friends, don’t panic, I haven’t gone to the dark side.  I was watching an episode of the series “Parts Unknown”,  hosted by Anthony Bourdain.  I am quite a fan of the show and although Bourdain’s politics and mine are completely opposite, I enjoy his show and actually like the guy (at least as much as you can from watching a TV show and reading his books).

The episode last night was set in Beirut, Lebanon.  Those of you that know your history will remember that Beirut was once known as the Paris of the Middle East, a vibrant, cosmopolitan city of many people and faiths living together in relative harmony for thousands of years.  That’s a rare thing in the Middle East.

In Bourdain’s conversations with different locals discussing the future of Beirut and the region in general, one thing struck me.  Asked what the most important or critical thing that has to be dealt with for the future stability of the region was, everyone answered in the same way.  ISIS.  Did you get that?  ISIS.  These are Muslims he’s talking with.  Bourdain was dining with one fellow in his home, with the man’s family all around.  This man has an AK-47 hanging on the kitchen door.  This fellow Bourdain was dining with was an ardent supporter of Hezbollah.  99% of the people in the neighborhood he lives in, support Hezbollah and they all agree, the biggest threat to stability in the region is ISIS and has to be stamped out.  Hezbollah is worried about ISIS.

And our President thinks ISIS is contained.  The Paris killings? Oh, that’s “a setback”.  Climate change is our most pressing issue regarding national security?   For the love of God, will someone tell our President that the people living in the region aren’t too worried about climate change?  They are worried about their lives, their way of life.  Will what happened in Paris have to happen here in the United States before the people in the current administration wake up?  Or, maybe they are just gambling with our lives and the lives of other good people.  Ask the French.  Ask the Russians.  How about Kurd’s in the region.  Maybe check with the Yazidis, while they are still left.  I know, how about #Our Lives Matter?   Or, better yet, #ISIS Lives Don’t Matter?  Quit playing politics and planning your legacy and get after them POTUS, before it’s too late.

Going Postal?

OK, so I have a question.  Why does the Postal Service need small arms ammunition?   I’ve never seen an armed guard at a post office, nor an armed postman.  Those nice ladies at the counter at my local branch must have some hidden heat under the counter.

The bigger question in my mind is why are these non-military, non-law enforcement government agencies buying up weapons and ammunition in such large quantities?  Is it to ensure that the government has its own private police force at hand so when the public finally wises up to the fact that we’re being “had” they will be able to deploy a multitude of its own security forces to avoid potential or perceived conflict with the Posse Comitatus Act?  Or is it just preparing for civil unrest in case the military would refuse to take part in any put down of such unrest (think recently in Egypt, where the military refused to fire on the people, the government police and agencies stepped in to try to put down the insurrection)?

In light of everything government is doing to wrest control of our lives from us and the rapid pace at which our liberty is eroding, sooner or later the people are going to catch on.  Let’s hope the mailman doesn’t need to use his Glock.

Enter the Militarized Police State

OK, so hello again.  Dramatic re-entry, eh?   Yeah, I’ve been on this long hiatus, sort of a long leave of absence I guess.  I’ve wanted to write, but I just couldn’t get the motor started.  There have been some events that have gotten me fired up, but nothing that has pushed me far enough so far.  This must be the spark that I needed because it’s just so wrong and scary.

We think we live in a free country where our rights and freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution.  Think again.  If the whole NSA scandal has not convinced you, then you’ve been living under a rock (like you really didn’t think all electronic data was being collected in the first place?).

We have a Fourth Amendment that guarantees our freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.  Fine.  In this case the PD had a warrant.  But does a warrant to search for folks that were being sought for credit card fraud really warrant a Swat team on an essentially a “no knock” entry?  C’mon.  The entry team ripping down, covering up visible security cameras?  Must not want to be recorded doing what?  If you do your due diligence and READ and listen to the report, you’ll see that this is way overkill.  Take a look at the militarization of your local PD, Sheriff’s department and State Police (not to mention Homeland Security, which is essentially a federal police force that claims to execute authority over everyone).  Ever wonder why they pretty much have just as much firepower as a Marine combat regiment  with armored vehicles?  Is that really necessary?  OK, so I’ll back off a little.  Dealing with Mexican drug traffickers, organized crime “the mob”, a potential terrorist threat (Oh, sorry, we aren’t allowed to call them terrorists anymore) but credit card fraud?  Really?

Lucky no one was hurt.  So, OK, they’re not the droids you’re looking for, so sorry.  What about the busted door, the fright of PD busting into your home without effectively giving you the chance to open the door voluntarily, especially if you as the homeowner have no idea what is going on and are totally innocent?  Progressives always fall back the phrase “common sense” when referring to their gun control laws, and other controlling we know what is best for you legislation. What about common sense in execution of a warrant for a non-violent crime where there is no history of violent activity?  You think you’re free?  Think again.

I’m back.  Don’t know how frequently, but it won’t be for two an a half years, that’s for sure.  Some things just need to be shared.  And of course, my opinion must be heard!

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!  We celebrate our country’s Independence Day.  Of course, it’s one of the “big three” holidays of the summer, along with Memorial Day and Labor Day, July 4th  marks the midpoint of our summer.  So while we celebrate with cook outs and summer sales, taking long weekends to relax at home, or catching up on chores or “honey do’s”, let’s not forget the tremendous sacrifice of those that enabled the creation of this great country.  We revere the names of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Paine, Hamilton, and on.  Theirs was the great sacrifice and vision that made this great country possible.

The founding fathers wisely crafted a constitution that would provide us with the parameters to keep our republic strong and intact.  Our nation has endured like no other for more than 200 years.  The United States of America is the beacon of hope for all those that yearn to be free.

But we must not rest on our laurels.  Though our war for independence may have ended in 1783 according to the history books, the fight for freedom never ends.  There are those today that would gladly see our nation fall.  They are opposed to everything we as a people stand for and represent.  They are not interested in negotiation, compromise or treaty.  That wake-up call came on September 11, 2001.

Today, the best of our youth man a post, guarding the freedom that was so hard won that this July 4th holiday represents.  Now more than ever, we must realize that even though our revolution may have been won over 200 years ago, our freedom, our nation, our ideals, must always be defended.

We cannot fail.  Those that oppose us are not interested in compromise.  Therefore, compromise is not an option.  What the United States of America stands for is precious.  We must protect the ideals defined in our constitution. Our constitution is what makes us great.  There is no other country like us.   Be proud of us.  We are the beacon.  We are freedom.

American Iron

It’s nice to say those words. One of the things that I notice here in Michigan is that most of the vehicles on the road are domestic. The contrast is a stark one from living in Kalifornia, where the majority of the vehicles are foreign. Tons of Toyotas zipping around. I’m sure glad I’m out of there because if all those gas pedals decide to stick, there’s going to be a heap of trouble. Car carnage baby!

I wonder why that is though, the contrast in vehicles. Is it that the folks out there are so more enlightened that folks in the Midwest? Naw, can’t be. Other than the weather, what has Kali got on us? My guess is that a large number of immigrants out there just do not have the loyalty to this country and its domestic industry that native born families do. Think about it. Not saying anything bad about them, but they didn’t grow up with Chevy and Ford. Hell, they probably never saw a Chevy or Ford before coming here. Probably never had the opportunity to own a car. That would explain the huge number of BAD drivers. Never owned a car. Come to Kali. Get a license. Look out.

Now I know some of my friends that may read this are going to think I’m just a conservative beau hunk, profiling and such. Too bad. Go live it. It’s true. And I don’t want to rip on any friends that drive foreign cars, OK, I will. But that’s just me. You support the country you live in and its industry. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s tough to buy anything that is not made in China, Korea, Vietnam, etc. anymore. And of course we all fall into that category. Trying to buy American for everything is an almost impossible task. But at least I feel that you can make the gesture of keeping the big ticket vehicle purchase on domestic shores.

And speaking of big tickets and American Iron, most of you know Jenn works for GM. She just got a new company car, a 2010 Avalanche. Nice! Now we have two of the lovely things in the driveway. $100K plus of good ole V8 powered American Iron between the two of us. Just gives you a warm feeling inside…

Not to mention the 3lbs of stainless Officer’s ACP I can once again holster. Now that’s some Iron!